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BWC VW 40 BWC TSS iron
230714 BWC WB og TSS snittskisse
BWC VW 40 BWC TSS iron
230714 BWC WB og TSS snittskisse

BWC WB - Balcony Wall Connection Wall Bracket.

Has been developed for use in prefabricated concrete sandwich walls (insulated wall elements). This is a pure shear connection that is used in walls where balconies have front columns or inclined braces. The system can also be used on steel columns, RHS profiles etc

The system consists of several parts:

BWC WB: The part that is molded into the factory that produces the wall elements, and flush with the outer layer.

In some cases, BWC WB is combined with a staircase connection TSS/RVK.

All parts are made of steel S355, and hot-dip galvanized.

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Product information
Max. shear force(kN)55 kN
Max. breaking load horizontal(kN)20 kN

The goals are project specific

(see drawing TSS stair connection)
Technical information / Memo
Use with
  • Balcony connection (shear) light installation

  • Balcony connection (shear) light production

  • Balcony connection (shear) light Engineer

  • Balcony connection (shear) light Architect