Oth­er pro­duc­tion services

Here at Invisible Connections AS, we can offer a wide range of customer-tailored production/special sewing. We have extensive experience in much of what the steel and construction industry has needed for the past 35 years. Our strengths are the processing of black and acid-resistant steel. If you have any questions about whether we might be the right ones for your particular products, or if you see that we have machines that can suit/relieve your production, please get in touch for an informal chat.

We undertake special production and production according to the customer's drawings on request. This applies to both small and large series. Our efficiency must benefit the customer.

Everything that takes place in our production can be tracked afterwards. All the different products are CE marked with the corresponding number, and all production documentation is of course scanned in and stored.

Products can be declared up to class EXC3 according to NS EN-1090.

With the help of subcontractors we often use, we can also be a complete supplier if something needs to be galvanized and/or powder coated. We do priming and any fire painting on our own premises.

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Other production services

Other production services