IC Academy

Here we present a series of short films aimed at various players such as architects, engineers, production and assembly. Of course, you can always call us or send us an email for guidance.

IC Inspiration
  • About Invisible Connections

  • Invisible Connections 2

  • Invisible Connections products

  • Invisible Connections stair connections

  • Invisible Connecions multi-storey car park

  • Stairconnection Architects

  • Stairconnection Engineer

  • Stairconnection production

  • Stairconnection installation 1

  • Stairconnection installation 2

  • Stairconnection earthquake installation

  • Stairconnection stairs in earthquake

Balcony - cantilevered
  • Balcony connection cantilever Architect

  • Balcony connection cantilever Engineer

  • Balcony connection cantilever production

  • Balcony connection cantilever installation

Balcony - BWC 55-light
  • Balcony connection (shear) light Architect

  • Balcony connection (shear) light Engineer

  • Balcony connection (shear) light production

  • Balcony connection (shear) light installation

Balcony BWC 55-740 with clamping flange
  • Balcony connection (shear) clamping flange Architect

  • Balcony connection (shear) clamping flange Engineer

  • Balcony connection (shear) clamping flange production

  • Balcony connection (shear) clamping flange installation

Beam - column
  • Beam-column connection Architects

  • Beam-column connection Engineers

  • Beam-column connection production

  • Beam-column connection installation

  • Double-Tee Connection Architect

  • Double-Tee connection Engineer

  • Double-Tee connection production

  • Double-Tee connection installation