Dou­ble-Tee connections

Our DTS/DTF is a good method of connecting T-elements to beams/walls. The connections can also be used for smaller beams.

DTS is a versatile telescopic connection. Originally designed for T-elements, but it has proven very useful in other types of slabsand beams for loads up to 150kN.
DTS can be a "problem solver" in elements that need a corbel free connection, where the load lies between our stair connections and beam-column connections.


  • Invisible connection
  • Corbel free connection ‘’invisible’’
  • Fast and efficient installation
  • Telescopic
  • Standard reinforcement
  • Documented and certified solution
  • Made in Norway

Examples of use in prefabricated elements:

  • T-elements
  • Big landing/stairs
  • Beams
  • Facade panels
Made in Norway
T-elementBeam unitWall/facade panel


DTS Connection

DTF Connection