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TSS 60 P, telescopic connection

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TSS 60 P m tau namn ENG
TSS 60 P vågig vegg
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TSS 60 P m tau namn ENG
TSS 60 P vågig vegg
IMG 7189 b
IMG 7191 b
IMG 7195 b

TSS 60 P consisting of an outer- and an inner tube.

The outer tube is made of 100% recycled HDPE
and made to fit on the outside of the inner tube.

The inner tube will slide inside the outer tube and be pulled out and in to the recess in the wall. The inner tube is pulled out/in with a wire/return rope. The unit has a control line that indicate the correct position of the inner tube. As well as a hole for a locking bolt which ensures that the inner tube stays in the correct position. It also have user-friendly "clips" to place reinforcing bars in the correct position.

The TSS units are specially suitable where the elements are supplied with a finished surface from the factory, e.g. terrazzo.

Invisible Connections TSS 60 P is supplied in black steel or galvanized.

Capacity 57 kN, minimum landing thickness 170 mm at full capacity, 120 mm with reduced capacity.

For soundreduction combine with: IC Box 100 SRU

TSS 60 P can be used between stair and landing, see picture below.

Product information
Recommended maximum ULS load Fv,Ed [kN]57 kN
Minimum landing thickness170 mm at full capacity, 120 mm with reduced capacity
Weight black steel/galvanized version2,81 kg/2,86 kg
Technical information / Drawing


TSS 60 PTSS 60 PTSS 60 PTSS 60 PTSS 60 P
Use with

Sustainability has more and more focus in the construction industry. So trying to make our products more sustainable and help the industry become greener is part of our strategy, and the idea for our new models. With the new models, we show that Invisible Connections takes sustainability seriously.

If we take the connection itself, then the outer tube is made of 100% recycled HDPE. When we replace the steel with a recycled HDPE, we reduce the steel consumption by 50%. Our new production line where these connections are produced is automated and we have thus reduced energy consumption.

We use renewable energy at our production facility. Choosing hydropower for our production facility is just one of several measures to reduce our environmental impact. The hydropower we use is produced locally, and provides a clean, flexible and reliable power supply.

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