Beam-col­umn connections

Corbel free connection between beam-column, beam-beam, beam-wall

For prefabricated concrete elements

BSF have these benefits:

  • Efficient, fast and safe installation on construction site.
  • Beam-column connections.Beam-beam connections.
  • Cantilevered (Gerber connection) between beams.
  • Moment rigid connections (Fly seismic).
  • Beam can be connected angeled against column beam and walls.
  • Elegant solution for round columns.
  • The load from the beam is transferred to the inside of the column.
  • Efficient installation on construction site.
  • Fireprotection after casting.
  • Documented and certified solution.
  • Documented solution for earthquake requirements (Fly seismic).
  • Made in Noirway.
Made in Norway

The images are from Manchester Metropolitan University. The architect chose our BSF solution to achieve large open spaces and corbel-free columns.