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Instruction DTS - DTF connections

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DTS 120 i thumbnail
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Our DTS/DTF is a good method of connecting T-elements to beams/walls. The connections can also be used for smaller beams.

DTS is a versatile telescopic connection. Originally designed for T-elements, but it has proven very useful in other types of slabs and beams for loads up to 150kN.
DTS can be a "problem solver" in elements that need a corbel free connection, where the load lies between our stair connections and beam-column connections.

  • Invisible connection
  • Corbel free connection ‘’invisible’’
  • Fast and efficient installation
  • Telescopic
  • Standard reinforcement
  • Documented and certified solution

Examples of use in prefabricated elements:

  • T-elements
  • Big landing/stairs
  • Beams
  • Facade panels
T-elementBeam unit

Wall/facade panel

Product serie


Article noDescriptionCapacityPicture
DTS 120DT-connection, telescopic120 kN

DTS 150DT-connection, telescopic150 kN

DTF 120DT-connection, fixed120 kN
DTF 150DT-connection, fixed120 kN
Teknisk info / Memo
Technical pecifications

Technical pecifications

Mor information about forces in memo 811 for DTF and DTS 150 and in memo 801 for DTF 120 and DTS 120.

Calculation of reinforcement

For more information about reinforcement in memo 812 for DTF and DTS 150 and in memo 802 for DTF 120 and DTS 120.


For more information about fireprotection in memo 831.