Connecting concrete elements
Invisible Connections® is a efficient, safe and sustainable way to connect concrete elements.
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Balcony connection day 2024

On 4 April from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. We will of course treat you to lunch.

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Bygg Alfon oversiktsbilde fasade
Memo 756 D 800x600
In addition to deliveries of BWC U-H with plans for wooden balconies facing the sea front, ElementNor AS delivered thin concrete balconies laid on our connections in the other corners of the buildings.
Egersund betongteknikk langholmen
BSF 1100 bjelke søyle
Here, it was designed with high columns that would receive intermediate beams at several heights. Our system BSF 1100 solved this in an excellent way.
Invisible Connections AS

Invisible Connections AS is a modern industrial company established in 1987

Invisible Connections AS is a modern industrial company which focuses on reliability, quality, and sustainability. Invisible Connections AS was established in 1987. And we are located in beautiful Åndalsnes on the Westcoast of Norway, in modern, well equipped and highly automized production facilities. We supply the building and construction industry with connectors for a wide range of concrete elements. Invisible Connections AS was in January 2013 certified to CE mark steel structures up to execution class EXC3 according to EN 1090-2 and declaration according to EN 1090-1 ''Connecting concrete elements''
Åndalsnes og rampestrek

Åndalsnes with Invisible Connections AS seen from Rampestreken, Nesaksla