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TSS 101, telescopic connection

TSS 101 tau vajer ENG
Trapp landing TSS 101
Sammansatt av a og b
TSS 101 tau vajer ENG
Trapp landing TSS 101
Sammansatt av a og b

TSS 101 stair connections consist of an outer tube and an inner tube. It contains of two hollow core sections, where the inner tube profile fits inside the outer tube. The inner tube will slide inside the outer tube and be pulled out and in to the recess in the wall. The inner tube is pulled out/in with a wire/return rope. The unit has a control line that indicate the correct position of the inner tube. As well as a hole for a locking bolt which ensures that the inner tube stays in the correct position.

The TSS units are specially suitable where the elements are supplied with a finished surface from the factory, e.g. terrazzo.

Invisible Connections TSS 101 is supplied in black steel or galvanized.

Capacity 100 kN, minimum landing thickness 200 mm at full capacity, 170 mm with reduced capacity.

For soundreduction combine with: IC Box 100 SRU

Product information
Recommended maximum ULS load Fv,Ed [kN]100 kN
Minimum landing thickness170 mm with reduced capacity
Weight black steel/galvanized version8,15 kg/8,25 kg
Sound transmission with vertical rubber flange:Reduce sound impact by 10-12 dB
Technical information - Drawing
PictureArticle no Step DWG 2D IFC PDF
TSS 101TSS 101TSS 101TSS 101
TSS 101
Use with
  • Stairconnection Architects

  • Stairconnection Engineer

  • Stairconnection production

  • Stairconnection installation 1

  • Stairconnection installation 2

  • Stairconnection stairs in earthquake

  • Stairconnection earthquake installation

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