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BWC 40 U-T, BWC 40 U

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BWC 40 U BWC 40 U T
Untitled 1785
BWC 40 U BWC 40 U T

The system consists of several parts:

BWC U-H is Invisible Connections®'s system where the unit with bolt group, insulation layer and waterproofing membrane is welded to alternatives such as: BWC plate 40 U-H in cover edge, RHS, HSQ etc. BWC utligger are then attached to the bolt group to support the balcony.

BWC 40 U-T: This unit (recess box) is molded into the slab.

BWC 40 U: This bracket with bolt group is inserted into the recess box and will hold the BWC utligger.

Invisible Connections can also custom-make variants if, for example, balcony are to be established on the ground floor with built-up terraces.

All parts are made of steel S355. See more in Invisible Connections ® Memo 750


From the analysis "BWC 40 U-H Plate cover edge 2020"
Implemented in Ansys. Project "AA"

Maximum moment (kNm)60kN
Maximum shear force (kN)70kN
Maximum horizontal forze (kN)+/- 20kN
Se mer i Invisible Connections®MEMO 750
Technical information / drawing
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BWC 40 UBWC 40 UBWC 40 UBWC 40 U

BWC 40 U

BWC 40 U-TBWC 40 U-TBWC 40 U-TBWC 40 U-TBWC 40 U-T
Use with
  • Balcony connection cantilever production

  • Balcony connection cantilever installation

  • Balcony connection cantilever Engineer

  • Balcony connection cantilever Architect