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DT gjenomskjæring
DT gjenomskjæring

DTF 120 is designed to connect prefabricated slabs and TT-elements, beam, landings or other prefabricated elements. .

The DTF consists of a square tube with a half-round steel. The DTF-element are lifted into place on a structure in a beam, wall etc.

DTF 120 can be supplied in black steel or galvanized.

Capacity 120 kN, minimum slab thickness 250 mm.

Capacity [kN]120 kN
Weight black/galvanized7,20 kg/7,50 kg
TubeRHS 100x50x6 mm
Minimum cover thickness250 mm
Black steel or galvanized version
Technical information / Memo
Technical information / Drawings
PictureModel Step DWG 2D IFC PDF
DTF 120DTF 120DTF 120DTF 120
DTF 120
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