Fyritunet, Hemsedal

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Fyri Tunet Oversikts
Ski in/out apartments at Fyri Tunet in Hemsedal. Built close to Fyri Resort. Here we delivered BWC 40 U-H with outriggers in HUP for thin, freely cantilevered concrete balconies.

IC product: BWC 40 U-H og BWC Utligger HUP 200x100x10

Location: Hemsedal

Building year: 2020

Architect: AT Plan & Arkitektur AS

Builder: Arthur Buchardt

Main contractor: HENT AS

Precast contractor: Spenncon Hønefoss

Engineer: Norconsult

Here there are apartments adapted to the ski-interested and nature-loving resident/tourist. You get as close to ski slopes and cross-country trails as possible. The client wanted freely cantilevered balconies to match the rest of the facade. A skirt solution was therefore built in wood which continued the wooden cladding to the buildings. In order to retain the view, glass railings were extended to the desired height.

Fyri tunet balkong 1
Fyri tunet BWC løsning
Fyri Tunet snittdetalj