D13 Haukeland Holdeplass

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Prospektbilde Haukeland
In this exciting project, we have delivered connections for stairs and IC boxes for wall recesses. D13 Haukeland Holdeplass is an underground light rail stop at Haukeland hospital with a challenging and special stair geometry.

IC product: TSS 101 og IC Box (utsparing i vegg)

Location: Bergen

Building year: 2022

Architect: 3RW Arkitekter AS

Builder: Helse Bergen HF

Main contractor: Veidekke Entreprenør AS

Concrete element producer: NOBI Bygg og Betong AS

Engineer Sweco

The holding area will serve permanent residents, students, patients, visitors and employees at health institutions in the area around Haukeland. A greener light rail development will ensure a more environmentally friendly urban development and strengthen the transport system in Bergen.

In the assembly picture below, you can see wire that is taped to the top of the steps, ready to pull out the telescopic stair connections (TSS 101), when the stairs are in the correct position.

Corbel free connection

Perhaps the prefabricated concrete stairs from NOBI are particularly suitable for this particular project. People tend to think that prefabricated are standardized and simple solutions - but in NOBI they basically have no off-the-shelf solutions. In this project, NOBI has delivered a curved staircase with prefabricated concrete swing stairs.


3RW arkitekter has been nominated for one of the most important European architecture awards for 2024, with "Haukeland Hospital Parking" along Bybanen's line 2.


TSS 101 G og IC Box
Prospektbilde Haukeland