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The west block on Torshovhøyden consists of 28 gorgeous 3- and 4-room freehold apartments from 58.5 to 97.5 square meters adapted to most needs. The western block is airy and several apartments have spectacular views! IC's contribution is BWC 40 U-H to the cantilevered concrete balconies with a skirt solution.

IC product: BWC 40 U-H og BWC Utligger HUP

Location: Torshov, Oslo

Building year: 2023

Architect: Arcasa AS

Builder: Orkla Eiendom

Main contractor: Consto Eide AS

Precast contractor: Spenncon

engineer: Rambøll Norge AS

With a central and attractive location in Torshov, the residents live in a vibrant district, but at the same time somewhat quiet and secluded. Vogtsgate, which is the very heart of Torshov, has a number of eateries and pleasant cafes, and new ones are constantly being added. Here, our BWC 40 U-H are welded to superimposed horizontal steel profiles, with tension bands inwards on top of perforated decks.

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