Egersund Næringspark, Langholmen

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Egersund betongteknikk langholmen
Egersund Næringspark Langholmen is a main network port, close to the highway and a short distance to the railway and the city centre. The area consists of over 40 acres of commercial land, is regulated for industry, storage and port operations, is planned to maintain high quality and with well-functioning infrastructure.

Two sides of the area have sea frontage with good opportunities for port-related business. At the rear of the area, a combination building of almost 15,000m2 has been planned, with possibilities for both workshop halls, warehouses and office workplaces.

Langholmen Egersund Bygg med BSF 700 og 1100
Langholmen Egersund Byggebilde 1
Langholmen Egersund Byggebilde 2
BSF 700 i bjelke
Langholmen nettside kopi 1024x683
Egersund betongteknikk langholmen