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Invisible Connections is proud to deliver to the new landmark at Ålesund harbour. The stairs are more like a work of art and of course with TSS102.

IC product: TSS 102

Location: Aarhus Danmark

Building year: 2020-2021

Architect: Sandbakk & Pettersen Arkitekter, Mad Arkitekter

Builder: Idungården AS

Main contractor: Ålesund Bygg

Precast contractor: Cementprodukt AS og Spencon

Pir Cowork is a 5,000 m2 office building on the harbor in Ålesund, the building was designed by MAD architects and Ålesund Bygg is the contractor. The stairs are cast by Cementprodukt AS, and TSS102 was chosen for bracket-free fixing of stairs and landings.

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Pir trapper