Nordviken, Hamar

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Nordviken Øvre Prospektbilde
Nordviken Øvre constituted the last phase in the development of Nordviken, which has given 230 buyers a new and modern home, and Hamar a new and vibrant district. Here we delivered BWC 55 Light-1 embedded in the slabs. Concrete balconies rest on an angle.

IC product: BWC 55 Light-1 og BWC 55 Light-2-Vinkel

Location: Hamar

Building year: 2023

Architect: HRTB AS

Builder: Backe Prosjekt AS

Main contractor: Martin M Bakken AS

Balcony producer: UBAB Ulricehamns Betong AB

Engineer: Pro Consult AS

In charming Nordviken, a completely new neighborhood has sprung up within a few years. A place where it feels good and safe to live and grow up, with a view of Mjøsa and walking distance to most things you need or want in everyday life.

Nordviken BWC
Nordviken Øvre snittskisse
Nordviken Øvre Oversiktbilde