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TSS 102 was chosen for fixing stairs at the new building complex at the seafront in Tallinn.

IC product: TSS 102

Location: Tallinn, Estland

Building year: 2018

Architect: PLUSS Architects


Main contractor:

Total Contract Value:

Precast contractor:

Invisible Connections TSS102 stair connections with sound reduction were used to support all stairs in the new housing project on the seafront in Tallinn.
Noblesser Home Port is a large development in Nobless harbor that contains 6 new apartment buildings as well as historic shipyard buildings under reconstruction.
A total of four blocks of flats with 208 apartments and almost 3,700 m2 of office and retail space were completed in the home harbour, to create a complete
residential, business and leisure environment with a marina and a new town square.
Our partner in Estonia, Semtu AS supported the main contractor and the prefab in this project, they used TSS 102 to support all stair landings. Using TSS provided the contractor with the most efficient, elegant and economical way to install stairs

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IMG 3148 c Maris Tomba
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