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Project manager Alf Rune Stokka in Lothe Bygg told Byggindustrien that there is room for 1,249 cars on the building's seven floors with parking. There are 435 columns and girders, 810 DT elements and 194 hollow cores in the building.

IC product: BSF, DTS og DTF

Location: Stavanger

Building year: 2013

Architect: Koda Arkitekter/Archus Arkitekter

Builder: Forus Parkering Vest

Total Contract Value: 123,8 millioner kroner

Main Contractor: Lothe Bygg AS

Precast contractor: Spenncon

Engineering: Prefab Design

1.878 elements

The car park has a rectangular shape. The load-bearing structure consists of prefabricated columns, beams and DT elements. The ramps are covered with holes. The facades to the north and south have perforated plates of dark anodized aluminum with colorful sections, while the facades to the west and east have slats of glass.