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BWC 55 light with angle for negative load

BWC 55 light reversert
BWC 55 light 2 V R 2 tekst
BWC 55 light innerrør 2 V R tegning
BWC 55 light reversert
BWC 55 light 2 V R 2 tekst
BWC 55 light innerrør 2 V R tegning

BWC 55-Light is a very good alternative to traditional thermal bridge breakers, or directly cast-in steel profiles for supporting balconies with front columns or inclined struts.

The system consists of two parts:

Outer tube BWC 55 light-1: Alternatively, this can be molded directly into the deck, or threaded into an already established recess box. It is important that the outer tube is pulled far enough from the cover edge, so that it protrudes past the GU. This makes it easy to get around to sealing the outer pipe against the GU, with grout, cloth, tape etc

Inner tube an angel BWC 55 light 2-V-R: This is the part that connects the cover and the balcony element. On the construction site, the inner tube with a welded angle is inserted into the outer tube and locked. The element is lifted into place and the angle comes into contact with the already established welding plate in the cover edge, and is welded firmly.

When a carpenter establishes the climate wall, it is important to have planned so that it should be easy to get to in order to seal around the outer tube towards the GU, with joint, cloth, tape (see sketch).

All parts are made of steel S355, and hot-dip galvanized.

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Product informaton
breaking load verticalStraight angle steel angleFv = 60 kN
Breaking load horizontalFH=20 kN
WC 55-light-1 outer tube
BWC 55-light-2-V-R inner tube
Technical information / Memo
Technical information / drawing
  • Balcony connection (shear) light installation

  • Balcony connection (shear) light production

  • Balcony connection (shear) light Engineer

  • Balcony connection (shear) light Architect