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231128 Vågsbygd Sentrumsbygg fasade Hus 1
The housing project Vågsbygd Sentrum is, as the name suggests, located in the center of Vågsbygd, just behind Amfi Vågsbygd with its approx. 45 stores. For HOUSES 1 and 2, we supplied everything from balcony connections and a number of special consoles for connecting solid wood constructions.

IC product: BWC 40 U-H and special consoles, angels etc.

Location: Vågsbygd, Kristiansand

Building year: 2023

Architect: Helen og Hard AS

Main contractor: Bico Total AS

Raw construction supplier: Sællmann Massivtre AS

RIB: Asplan Viak

231128 BWC 40 U H inkl plate m kam siden
231128 Vågsbygd Sentrumsbygg fasade
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231128 Vågsbygd Sentrumsbygg fasade Hus 1