Tetriz, Bergen

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On this project in Bergen, we delivered the BWC 55-740 with angles. Fire protected R60. Erstad & Lekven Utbygging has built a residential building on a plot with a good view in Indre Arna, Tetriz consists of 24 large apartments of a high standard.

IC product: BWC 55-740 with angel

Place: Indre Arna

Building year: 2023

Architect: Holon Bergen

Building contractor: Erstad & Lekven

Concrete element produce: Stoltz Entreprenør AS

Engineer: H2 Byggeteknikk AS

Apartments of different sizes, but with a high standard including their own terraces or balconies. Good sunny conditions to the west, and a view towards Arnavågen. Since the balconyto the east is the escape route, the BWC units from Invisible Connections® were delivered hot-dip galvanized and fire-painted R60. Add note: Due to the height difference between the concrete deck and the balcony deck, we have turned the angle up/down.

BWC 55 740 m vinketl Tetriz
Sammansatt Tetriz Bergen