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Teinevikjo Stord 1 square
37 state-of-the-art apartments close to the center on the quayside and 28 sea stalls on the seafront in the center of Leirvik. Here we delivered BWC WB embedded in sandwich walls and BWC 55-4 in concrete balconies.

IC product: BWC WB with TSS

Location: Stord

Year of construction: 2019

Architect: Engelsen Entreprenør AS

Builder: Solbakken Stord AS

Main contractor: Engelsen Entreprenør AS

Precast ccontractor: Øleb Betong AS

Here, these are apartments with consistently good quality and well-considered layout. You get as close to the sea as possible. In addition, there are good sunny conditions for all the apartments, good terraces, views of the sea - and you don't have to think about maintenance and mowing the lawn.

Here you get a parking space included in the price when you buy. The parking facility is under the three blocks, with stairs and a lift down from each block. Sjøbodane is in front of the parking facility. Between the blocks, it is also arranged with a playground, stone slabs and planting. There are also stairs from the outdoor area to the quay and sea sheds. In front of the blocks, it is ready for a fantastically nice promenade, which many people use as a hiking trail out to Storddøra.

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180424 Byggeplassbilde 4
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180116 BWC WB 120 BWC 55 4 1