Solberget , Nesttun

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Solberget Nesttun
At Nesttun, Block Watne has built five buildings with a total of 95 apartments that surround a large and beautiful outdoor area. Here, IC has supplied BWC WB/BWC 55-740 with BWC 55-4 or TSS 102 G for balconies with columns in front.

IC product: BWC WB/BWC 55-740 med BWC 55-4 eller TSS 102 G

Location: Bergen

Building year: 2019

Architect:Block Watne

Main Contractor:Allbygg AS

Prefabricated balconies: Førde Sementvare

180110 Byggeplassbilde Solberget
K 1 2 Under bygging
BWC WB med TSS 102