79 & Park Stettin, Stockholm

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  2. 79 & Park Stettin, Stockholm
79 og park 2 Stockholm
Invisible Connection's stair solutions were used on this great apartment project in Stockholm. The project with a gross area of 18,600 square meters and consists of 168 apartments. The client and main contractor is Oscar Properties Bygg. In order to satisfy the sound requirements and have a quick and efficient installation of the stairs, the TSS102 was chosen. The element producer is Lasbet AS in Estonia and the IC products were supplied by our distributor Semtu As

IC product: TSS 102

Location: Stockholm

Building year: 2017-2019

Archirtect: Big

Main contractor: Oscar Properties Bygg

Precast contractor: Lasbeth AS, Estland

79 og park 2 Stockholm
79 og park Stockholm