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Sustainable stair connections

  1. Sustainable stair connections
TSS60p resirkulert 15cm
TSS60p resirkulert 15cm

We must all take responsibility for using sustainable products. In our more than 30-year history, we have always worked with new products in addition to developing existing products. The construction industry as well as society is more and more aware and focused on sustainability. Trying to make our products more sustainable and helping the industry to become greener is part of the idea for our new models.

Invisible Connections AS has developed stair connections that make it possible to reduce the element thickness and at the same time retain the same capacity.

Currently, seven of our products are made entirely or partially from recycable HDPE.

By using stair connectors from Invisible Connections, you also open the possibility of re-using landings.

Terje Berg; Technical Manager in IC. - We often have ideas about how we want to solve problems. So we went in a dialogue with Plasto AS and their highly competent team and together we came up with a good solution. All components that Plasto produces for IC are parts for stair connectors, which replace the steel that was previously used. - It is more sustainable when it is produced from recycled material. We have no doubt that it is the right choice, both for us, our customers and for the environment.

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Thinner slab

Thinner concrete elements with RVK 60 P or TSS 60 P

TSS 101 with reinforcement, slab thickness: 200-265 mm.TSS 60 P with slab thickness: from 120 mm.

Over many years, IC has developed products that contribute to a lower CO2 footprint in buildings. Through the use of less concrete in elements, the transport costs and production time.

The table shows that it is possible to go down to 120 mm landing thickness for TSS and RVK 60 P.
For full capacity (57 kN) the limit is 170 mm.
See memo no. 55 for more information.

Element thicknessTSS60PRVK60PTSS101RVK101TSS102



Seven of Invisible Connections AS´s products are made in whole or in part from recyclable HDPE.
By replacing the outer pipe with recyclable plastic HDPE in the new connections TSS and RVK 60 P, we have achieved a steel reduction of 50% compared to traditional solutions.

Our new connectors enables reduced landing and stair thickness. This enables a reduction in the concrete footprint of 35-55%.
Thinner elements means less concrete, which results in lower CO2 emissions!

Reuse and circular economy

Circular economy.

The TSS/RVK 60 P stair connection itself has recycled parts, and recycling is the very basic idea of ​​a circular economy. By using prefabricated concrete elements and our connectors, it is possible to re-use the entire element.

If the building is ever to be dismantled in the future, it is possible to cut the connection and lift out the element. By using a new inner tube, the element can be re-used.

Energy and efficiency

Energy and efficiency.

100% renewable energy at our production facility.

Choosing hydropower for our production facility is just one of several measures to reduce our environmental impact. The hydropower we use is produced locally, and provides a clean, flexible and reliable power supply.