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Economical and efficient advantages of using our stair connections

  1. Economical and efficient advantages of using our stair connections
Produktkategorier Trapp Effektiv økonomisk
Produktkategorier Trapp Effektiv økonomisk

Cost-reducing and efficient solutions for prefabrication of concrete elements. It is known that prefabricated elements are profitable compared to cast-in-situ constructions. With IC connections, it is possible to produce thinner elements. Less concrete saves cost!


  • Planning
  • Standardization
  • Prefabrication
  • Assembly
  • Deviations and reduction of complaints

= Savings at all levels

Benefits IC stair system

Invisible Connections stair system is:

Enable quick and safe installation of stair and landings at construction site.
Calculation tools, ultimate loads pr connector, potential load during installation and uplift forces, ETA approved, and each connector individually CE-marked. BIM and CAD files for downloading at our webpage.

The new generation HDPE outer tube have inbuilt clips to receive local reinforcement, so correct positioning is assured - and important preformance benefit.

Fire protection is well taken care of with our recommended installation.

Quick and safe installation on the construction site.
With IC connections, you use only 1/3 of the time compared to competing methods.

Slim design enables thinner slabs = less concrete volume is saved money.