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Stepsoundreduction for balonies

  1. Stepsoundreduction for balonies
Trinnlydsdemping 00 36 1024x483
Trinnlydsdemping 00 36 1024x483

Impact sound from the hallway/balcony are a big challenge.

(The chapter concerns balconies with shear connections.)

  • Increasing focus on step sound dampening and solutions for this.
  • Footsteps propagate to adjacent rooms in neighboring apartments.
  • Risk of quality reduction of the apartment/building.
  • Challenging to meet the requirements of the building regulations.

Our experience, for good impact sound reduction, you need a soft rubber e.g 58 shore :

  1. Minimum area of 200-250 mm2 pr. kN breaking load.
  2. Grooves allow the rubber to expand under load
What do the regulations say?
DIBt ; Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik

DIBt has shown in its publication that there is a connection between dB,
sound absorption area and load.

The calculation below shows DIBts formula and our product TSS 102.

Reduction : 30 dB = 60 kN ultimate load

Area : 115x110=12650mm2/60 kN = 210 mm2 / kN

TSS 102 = 25 dB. 100 kN

Area : 25000 mm2 = 250 mm2/ kN

Impact sound in concrete stairs without reduction (from Byggforskserien 532.241)

The figure shows transmission of sound from floor and stairs structures whitout any impact sound reduction.

The table below shows limit values ​​from NS 8175 regarding housing.

Type of room

Class B


Class C


From commen area/stairs area too living units


To a living unit from a toilet, storage room, balcony, terrace


To a living unit from business area, service area, public area


The table below shows the highest limit values ​​for normalized impact sound level, class C for various buildings

Type of buildingClass C (dB)Class B (dB)
Living units5348
Meeting rooms58

Recommended solution for living units

Recommended solution for:

Balcony and outdoor walkway

Article noDescriptionSound reductionPicture
BWC 55-light

For balconies/outdoor walk way with columns/rod system.

20-25 dB
BWC 55-740For balconies/outdoor walk way with columns/rod system
with waterproofing.
20-25 dB
BWC 40 U-HFor cantilevered balconies/outdoor walkways.

The solution is offered on request.

20-25 dB