Drivbänken, Malmö

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Drivbanken 2
The TSS60P and associated IC Box SRU with sound reduction were chosen for connecting prefabricated stairs in the Drivbänken building complex.

IC production: TSS 60P and IC BOX SRU

Location: Malmö

Building year: 2023


Builder: Granitor Projects AB

Precast contractor: Prefabsystem Syd

Engineer: Swetch AB/Prefabsystem Syd

Prefabsystem Syd designs, manufactures and assembles raw construction for Drivbänken, which consists of massive concrete walls, hole covers and stairs. They chose and tested the TSS 60 P with IC BOX SRU with sound reduction. They were particularly pleased with the quick and efficient assembly of the stairs.

Drivbanken 2