Dovrekvartalet K-tre, Lillestrøm

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  2. Dovrekvartalet K-tre, Lillestrøm
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New building of apartments in Lillestrøm with 86 apartments, distributed over three buildings. For this project, we have delivered our TSS 25 L stair connection, which connects prefabricated stairflights to landings. TSS 25 L is a cost-saving "all in one" connection, which replaces traditional shelf solutions. The product is fully reinforced, has stepless height adjustment and is used for crane/assembly. Prefabricated landings are fitted with our TSS 102 sound reducing unit.

IC product: TSS 25 L

Location: Lillestrøm

Year of construction: Finished May 2021

Architect: Dyrø og Moen Arkitekter AS

Main Contractor: Bundebygg AS

Precast construction: Bundebygg AS

K-tre is part of the Dovrekvartalet. A total of 86 apartments are being built here, spread over three buildings.

Communal roof garden – lush and zoned

Each of the three buildings has a fantastic roof garden. The best thing about these is the panoramic view. From here you can see over the whole city. The terrace has a garden and barbecue and is divided into lush zones that provide separate pockets where you can hide away if you want peace and quiet, or share pleasant moments with others.

TSS 25 L

"TSS 25 L is an absolutely superb product that should be used by several stair suppliers. Simple, smart and quick solution for adjusting the stairs. 10-15% time savings.

Anders Fredriksson, Bundebygg, Bas at Dovrekvartalet
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K Tre Dovrekvartalet natt miljø 1920x1253